The formal process of the “startMeup” programme will conclude with an Expo and a structured Adjudication of your business. This will be your opportunity to Showcase your business and have your business evaluated by a panel of independent Adjudicators. Amongst these Adjudicators may be potential funders as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. In recognition, based on the assessment of the panel of adjudicators prizes may be awarded to overall and category winners.

The Adjudication will be structured and will include an assessment across specific aspects of your business.

These will include:

* Product / Service

* Marketing

* Innovation  & creativity

* Sales

* 3min Pitch

* Business plan  

* Finances

* Exhibition Stand

* Interview

* Personal Development

1.The Project File will serve as your Business Prospectus and will be viewed by the Adjudicators during the Assessment and will serve as a form of “Due Diligence” for the Adjucicators. The quality and completeness of your Project File is therefore of the utmost importance. This will represent your complete business case.

2.The Expo Stand will serve as your visual showcase. Your dispay area will be restricted to 1,2m x 1,2m.



A few hints on creating low budget expo stands.

First and foremost it is not about how grand and fancy you are, but how creative you can be with very little.
There is loads of idea on the web for creating low budget stands. Do the research!

Remember this is YOUR Brand – make it count.

You are as much a part of the display as the display itself.

Look the part and act the part.

4. Your Personal Preparation

When the adjudicators visit your stand you will have exactly 3 minutes to “Pitch” your business.

Prepare your pitch thoroughly – rehearse!

You will have a further 3 minutes to display your business prospectus – make sure its complete and organized.

Know your financials and have key information at your fingertips – you will be asked.

Be prepared – confident – excited about your business.