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start-ME-up Programme


Utilising the Lean Start-Up approach, beneficiaries are empowered through a three-staged stimulated enterprise development and support programme.

The programme is designed to provide advisory services and practical instruction focused on entrepreneurship, corporate structures, organisational development, business strategy, starting and growing small businesses and functional coaching.

Capacity Development

Our bespoke capacity development programme provides world-class learning opportunity in key aspects of the entrepreneurship cycle to build a talented pool of aspiring and potential entrepreneurs to drive start-up formations and growth.
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Coaching & Mentoring

Industries Specific & Functional Coaching
Commercialising & managing new innovations
Corporate Governance
Strategy Planning & implementation
Business and Market development
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Enterprise Development (Aftercare) Support

Provide managerial advice and support in all management functions (general management, strategy, marketing, human capital, operations, financial management, quality control etc.) to enhance their performance and promote sustainability.
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