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Motlalepula Monja

Motlalepula Monja, born and bred in Soweto. After completing my BA degree at the University of Johannesburg. I started an NPO called Bridging the Gap Education Foundation. And was hosted by NBC Holdings as part of their CSI. Bridging the Gap Education Foundation, was a link from high school, tertiary to the world of work. We provided career guidance in the high schools to assist students to match their career choices with the personalities and the tertiary requirements. In tertiaries we were linking students with Companies for learnerships and internships and also assist them with the issues of academic or financials exclusion. Went further to study Marketing at Unisa and did Retail Management with Unisa too.

Later joined Umsobomvu Youth Fund as the Programme Officer, responsible to set up access points within Municipalities and Tertiary Institutions. While at Umsobomvu Youth Fund I registered with Harvard E-learning, for Management and Business studies, Coaching and Mentoring.

Umsobomvu Youth Fund then merged with National Youth Commission to form National Youth Development Agency. Where I served as the Branch Manager responsible for the Tshwane Region.

I have over 15 years’ experience in youth development and entrepreneurship development.

I’m very passionate about entrepreneurship, that eventually landed me as a coach, mentor and facilitator at TUT. As a coach and mentor, one shares knowledge and experience with students to assist and guide them in developing their business models. Business model that would eventually develop into a successful and sustainable business that would create job opportunities for others and address a specific need.

My motto: Keep on keeping on !