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Dr André du Preez

I began my career in microbiology, biochemistry, and nuclear chemistry, later shifting towards business and IT. Over a decade in research laid the foundation. Subsequently, I assumed diverse senior management roles, from startup to closure, honing skills in corporate strategy, business development, consulting, and more. This journey extended to various information technology firms, including software development, process automation, and data security.

My focus centred on pioneering PCI assessing ventures, establishing divisions within data security companies, and crafting methodologies for global digital transformation. I also led initiatives for process enhancements, culminating in streamlined sales operations across continents.

A stint in London involved re-engineering processes for a cybersecurity company poised for global expansion. Armed with a PhD in Business Administration, I’ve developed a unique methodology for profiling business success factors. This academic journey encompasses initial studies in microbiology, an MBA in General Management, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification. I’m adept at working in diverse, multicultural environments, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently and punctually.

As a coach, I am fervently dedicated to imparting my expertise and knowledge to my students or entrepreneurs.