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Utilising the Lean Start-Up approach, beneficiaries will be empowered through a three-staged stimulated enterprise development and support programme. The programme is designed to provide advisory services and practical instruction focused on entrepreneurship, corporate structures, organisational development, business strategy, starting and growing small businesses and other relevant topic areas. During the first stage of the programme, beneficiaries will be actively involved in the development of their own business ideas and plans from the opportunities that they would have identified.

This will be followed by 6 weeks of interactive mentoring. Together with our partners and identified mentors and coaches, we will spend 4 hours per week with each participant in order to assist them with the formalisation of contract assignments, business viability study and linking and applying course principles to entrepreneurship development and business management. Thus, offering participants individual support and systematic mentorship and coaching in developing new products and services, guidance on building up a successful business when entering the market and in the growth stage. Assistance needed by participants may vary from one organisation to the other, thus, the centre will customise each mentoring programme to suit each participant.

On successful completion of the programme, participants will be required to submit a Portfolio of Evidence. Upon achievement of a competency rating based on the Portfolio of Evidence, which will include all formative and summative assessments; the participant (at the graduation ceremony) will be issued a “Certificate of Competence in New Venture Creation and Entrepreneurship”, endorsed by Tshwane University of Technology. Where a participant is deemed not competent, a certificate of attendance will be issued.